Terms & Conditions

Below are a few of the finer details regarding our terms and conditions.

General Terms and Conditions – Peppy Parcels

  • Deliveries booked on www.peppyparcels.com before 9pm will be collected from your business or home on the following working day.
  • For UK collections, it will take 48 hours to process your collection.
  • Bookings placed over the weekend will be processed on the  Monday and collected at your door on Tuesday (excluding bank holidays).
  • If within Ireland, your parcel will be delivered the working day following collection.
  • Parcels to outside of Ireland will also be collected the following working day, but will take longer to arrive.
  • Please understand that while almost all our ROI deliveries are completed within two working days, occasionally there are circumstances where this is not possible. These circumstances only really occur with more rural deliveries and collections, where the driver may have difficulty getting to a location. If a delivery is especially urgent, contact info@peppyparcels.com to discuss delivery times. You will be given a tracking number with which you can follow the progress of your item. If you require a more definitive delivery time, email your tracking number to info@peppyparcels.com and we may be able give you a more accurate window.  

Parcel Size and Weight

  • XS up to 35cm x 1KG S  up to 50cm x 1-10KG M up to 80cm x 10-20KG L up to  120cm x 20-30KG XL up to 200cm x 20-30KG in Ireland EURO and UK parcels Max weight 40KG How to measure is:  1 x longest side x  2 x width x  2 x height. The combined length and girth of a parcel can be up to three metres. This is calculated as 1x longest side plus 2x height plus 2x width. Example 40X30X10 = 40X60X20 = 120CM = Large parcel.  


  • All parcels are insured for a max of €85 this is included in the price, if you have a valuable parcel please make us aware of this so we can offer you extra insurance. To make a claim we will provide: • claim form • Declaration if non insurance form • then you will need a Purchase invoice • Packing list showing weight of individual items, if several in consignment • Estimate for repair, if applicable All claims will be dealt with by the service provider/courier company, Please note, as per our restricted items list, if any potentially breakable items are handed over for delivery, Peppyparcels.com or the service provider will not be liable for incidents of loss or breakage in transit. Our standard insurance cover will not apply.  


  • Orders cancelled after the next-day deadline can be refunded, but are subject to a cancellation fee of €8.00. This cost is incurred by us at that point and cannot be avoided.