Have a question about delivery, payments or packaging guidelines? The answer is probably here!

  1. Do you ship oversized parcels?

    If your parcel exceeds our Max combined size limit of 300cm x 30KG please email the weight and dimensions of your parcels to info@peppyparcels.com then we can give you a quote

  1. When will my parcel/parcels be Collected?

    When you book with peppyparcels.ie before 9pm we will collect the following working day from your home or business but many bookings made a short time after 9pm will still make the following day cut so please have your parcels ready.

  2. When will my parcel/parcels be delivered?

    Your parcel will be delivered the following working day for national deliveries 1-3 days for U.K. Deliveries and 1-5 days for the rest of Europe. Our national service is a two day service but most will be delivered next day, you can track your parcel on peppyparcels.com and if your parcel has been delivered this will show the time it was delivered and who signed for it or if preferred you can email your parcel number to info@peppyparcels.com

  3. What happens if there is nobody home to accept my delivery?

    Our drivers will try your neighbours to see will they sign for your parcel if your neighbour is not home then we will deliver your parcel to your local parcel shop/depot for collection, our driver will post a missed delivery card through your letterbox with instructions of which parcel shop/depot your parcel is at, parcels are held for 9 days and if not collected you will be contacted for instructions for delivery

  4. Will Brexit affect my UK delivery?

    Services may be impacted by Brexit. Despite the additional measures we have taken to ensure that cross-border trade between Great Britain and the EU moves in the most efficient way from the 1st of January 2021, unfortunately some shipments are experiencing delays. These delays are caused by unpredicted COVID related surges in volume, as well as incomplete or missing information now required for shipping between Great Britain and the EU. We are encouraging our customers to ensure that all required documentation is in order so that packages can smoothly clear customs. If you are unsure you can find the latest updates for shipping into the UK here: www.gov.uk/import-customs-declaration Or shipping from UK to Ireland here: www.revenue.ie/customs-traders-and-agents

  5. What do peppy parcels deliver?

    Peppy parcels will deliver parcels up to 30KG however we do have Some size and contents restrictions so please check our terms and conditions.

  1. Is my parcel insured?

    Yes all parcels have insurance up to the value of €85. If you have a more valuable item please make us aware of this so we can request an extra insurance quote from the service provider.

  2. Do I need an account with Peppy Parcels?

    Yes but it is a very simple process all you need is an email address and a password then all other bookings made will be much easier as we will save some of your regular delivery addresses so you don't need to enter them every time.

  1. Do I need a printer?

    Yes, we will email you the shipping label to attach to your parcel.

  2. Do I need to weigh and measure my parcels?

    Yes, this is the best way to get the correct quote for your parcel as some parcels may be small and heavy, or large and light.